Product Description

Artnovion Speaker Stand originated from a joint effort of 3 of the best companies in their respective fields: Designed by Jan Morel, engineered by Sessiondesk and manufactured by Artnovion, the Vector Speaker Stand is a brand new addition to our vast range of acoustic solutions for your room.

Vector Speaker Stand is more than a simple stand, It is equipped with Superspikes that provide incomparable stability and support, and a VABT (Velocity Absorber Bass Trap) core, an innovative way to control room modes, utilising a carefully calibrated combination of foam densities, taking advantage of layout of the speaker stand stands in high velocity zones.


Recording, mastering, and Songwriting

Vector Stand | 367x494x955mm

Made of the highest quality wood and high-performance foam on the interior, the Vector Speaker Stand is the reason you were waiting for to redesign of your room. VABT (Velocity Absorber Bass Trap)